The main objective of security engineering shall be to support the development of dependable and secure embedded systems with predictable properties. The SecFutur project will develop a new security engineering process that can flexibly integrate security solutions into an overall framework for the hardware platform based design process and that can be incorporated into the existing design process with a minimum amount of changes. Security solutions will be provided in terms of security building blocks that integrate existing hardware and software security mechanisms in order to address complex security requirements. Several applications domains will represent a variety of embedded technology with various security requirements:

Multi-service gateways

This use case focuses on the home and small businesses networks where Operators/ISPs foresee an important emerging market. In this environment the Operator provides some embedded hardware to be installed in customer's home. This hardware, named usually a Service Gateway or Home Gateway, is the key element connecting the home network and the broadband network, and acting as a service platform in the digital home. Such a gateway will also serve as the basis for various additional services such as supporting smart grid applications within advanced energy distribution and control infrastructures. All these facts make it the main target of the use case.

Legal calibration requirements

Devices for measurement (e.g. of electricity consumption, of petrol consumption in petrol stations, etc.) are subject to strict legal and technical requirements. One example of such devices are electronically calibrated devices for electricity consumption measurement. A successful licensing of the design of measurement devices is based on licensing procedures that are based on experiences with existing implementations.

Ad-hoc wireless mesh communication for crisis management

The main goal here is interoperability and robustness of secure communication for blue light organizations even in the case of infrastructure communication blackout (i.e. collape of 3G and mobile communication). Thus, the scenario concentrates on secure and new easily deployable ad-hoc communications for data-, voice-, video- and sensor-information.